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How Do I Sell My Sterling Silver Flatware to 2nd Markets?

Simply Tell Us What You Have. Of course, the hardest part of our job is making a sight-unseen appraisal. But we have been at this for so long we have got it down to a science. There are a few key facts we must know in order to make a fair and realistic offer for your items (without seeing them first). Here's what you will need to do:

1. Are you sure your set is Sterling Silver? We do not buy silver plate. Read our article to learn how to tell the difference (click here)
2. Next, we need to know what you have. We need to know the PATTERN, MAKER, PIECE TYPE (fork, knife, etc) and the LENGTH of each piece type (example: Gorham, Chantilly pattern, Dinner Fork, 7 inches).
3. Make an itemized inventory list on a sheet of paper following the guideline above.
4. For each item, be sure to honestly describe the LENGTH as nearly as you can (within 1/8th inch is close enough).
5. Once your list is completed, go to our FLATWARE CALCULATOR FORM.
6. If you do not find a matching LENGTH on our FLATWARE CALCULATOR FORM, use the nearest matching length.

Once you have your inventory list completed, submit it to us by clicking the GET A QUOTE button below. This will take you to our FLATWARE CALCULATOR FORM, where you can quickly input and send your list.

What about Creamers and Tea Pots?

If you have sterling silver creamers, sugar bowls, salt/pepper shakers, tea pots, trophies, or other non-flatware sterling silver items, use our CONTACT US form (click here) to make your list.

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