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One of the most important ways we grow our business is through testimonials. These are just brief notes from sellers describing how the transaction went, satisfaction level, etc. Did we do everything we said we would? Did we pay quickly? Did we keep in touch along the way? These testimonials from other sellers are intended to provide feedback and help you make the decision to deal with us. We do not provide any contact information on our "testimonials page" (for privacy reasons). Many of our sellers are repeat customers and would be happy to allow you to contact them. Just ask.

13 Sep, 2017
Gilbert Fitzgerald
Lafayette, California

quote 2nd Markets Corp. did everything they promised. Their instructions were easy to follow and detailed. Their communications were very good and kept me up-to-date on the transaction. They paid as promised. Very good to work with and I would recommend them to others. quote
12 Sep, 2017
Stephen Miller
North Bethesda, Maryland

quote Working with Jon and 2nd Markets was easy. Received an estimate quickly, shipped goods that were received on a timely basis and a check for my goods on the same day. quote
20 Aug, 2017
Victoria Robertson
Suffolk, VA

quote Jon Warren is very honest and professional to work with. He gave me a fair price for my item, and I was paid immediately once they received it. I highly recommend doing business with him and his company. quote
07 Aug, 2017
Kevin Martin
Chicago, Illinois

quote Jon was a complete professional to work with. I was a little worried at first about shipping such a expensive item to a stranger but everything was handled appropriately and I was paid immediately. Thank you again. quote
07 Aug, 2017
Lindy Pounds
Honaunau, Hawaii

quote Doing business with 2nd Markets was a pleasure. They gave easy instructions, paid a fair price and promptly, and it was fun! Jon Warren is the best. quote
07 Aug, 2017
Ann-Marie Santin
Solon, Ohio

quote Was a very easy transaction. All my questions were answered quickly and I felt confident in my decision to send my items to 2nd Markets. Thank you quote
23 Jun, 2017
Chris Hooper
Austin, Texas

quote 2nd Markets Corp is trustworthy. They paid me promptly once my package arrived. The whole process was very smooth. quote
12 Jun, 2017
Sharyn Oakes
La Mesa, California

quote So easy doing business with 2nd Markets. I would highly recommend this company to anyone seeking to sell collectibles or antiques. They are so professional and make the process easy as they give wonderful instructions. Wish I had more items to sell. quote
08 Jun, 2017
Dale Thompson
Eatonville, WA

quote It was a definite pleasure to work with Jon Warren and 2nd Markets. The handling of the sale of our item was exceedingly professional, honest and above board. We were treated in a fair and honest manner throughout the entire experience. This was the first transaction of this kind for us. But, you can be sure we will work with 2nd Markets again should we have other items to sell in the future. Thank you very, very much. quote
18 May, 2017
Albert and Kay Crain
Cordova, Tennessee

quote I would like to give the highest feedback possible. Started doing business with Jon Warren and 2nd Markets in March. Seemed very professional and had a great rating with Better Business Bureau so I took a chance. I was amazed at how completely above board, simple and honest he and his business are. Everything I needed to know right there at my fingertips every hour of every day. They handled everything and I got checks quickly. I am not a computer person but I have to say the way they do it on line is so easy. They have sold over a 1000 items for me so far and I have over $11,000 to show for it. I completely trust them and I have so enjoyed getting on Soldster and watching my stuff being sold to the highest bidder... Thank you Jon Warren and all your staff for making this so enjoyable and profitable. quote
03 May, 2017
Kathleen DeWeese
Clearwater, Florida

quote It was such a pleasure doing business with Jon and 2ndMarkets! It was quick, easy and efficient. They paid all the shipping fees and I had my money the same afternoon they received my package. I look forward to doing business with them again in the near future. quote
28 Apr, 2017

quote I have just completed my fourth sale to 2nd Markets and they have been wonderful to deal with. They provided a shipping label and paid me the day the item was received. They paid a very competitive price and communicated throughout the entire transaction. I will certainly do business with them again. quote
26 Apr, 2017
Kevin McCarthy
Strongsville, OH

quote ?2nd Markets quickly responds and gives a very fair quote. This was the easiest transaction I have ever experienced, and I received payment immediately. Thank you 2nd Markets! quote
03 Apr, 2017
Thomas Storck
Kirkland, Washington

quote The service was excellent. I received a quick reply and offer for the product that I wished to sell. Information on packing and shipping was informative. I received my payment by e-check the same day they received my shipment. I would definitely do business with them again and would recommend their service to anyone. quote
31 Mar, 2017
Thor Bjornson
West Grove, Pennsylvania

quote Awesome experience. No BS, treated professionally. Fair price and quick payment. Nothing bad to say. We will do business again. Most importantly....NO BS. I was taught to say what you mean and mean what you say. Jon Delivers. quote
14 Mar, 2017
Lonza J Crudele
Cornwall, New York

quote This was an amazingly painless transaction. I was skeptical about sending my valuables in the mail but Jon and his team did everything to ensure a fast, fair and professional experience. Would recommend to anyone. quote
20 Feb, 2017
Patricia McAloon
Morrisville, PA

quote 2nd Markets was great to work with! I appreciated their responsive communications via email. The shipping process was easy, and I received payment the same day they received the items (to my PayPal account). I would definitely use them again and I highly recommend them to anyone wanting to sell items. quote
13 Feb, 2017
Dennis Ridley
Cheyenne, Wyoming

quote I am so very glad we found Jon Warren to do business with. I've been in business for over 50 years and have never had a better business experience anywhere. Jon did exactly what he said he'd do. Payment was prompt and he paid all shipping and insurance costs. It's important to be able to trust the people you are selling items to, not just to give you a high bid, but also to let you know the items got there and get the money to you. They did all these things and we couldn't be happier. Thank you again Jon for the fine experience. quote
19 Jan, 2017
Nolan Shaub
Topton, Pennsylvania

quote The 2nd Markets Company offered me the highest price for my goods. They are very knowledgeable and professional. Their business model includes the cost of shipping and they cover the shipping insurance. This makes the transaction very simple and easy for the customer. Especially for a customer that is not familiar with selling collectibles and other valuables. Thanks Again. quote
19 Jan, 2017
Nicholas Laos
Athens Greece

quote Very pleasant transaction - extremely effective customer service, High quality communications - top performance!!! Will share my experience with family and friends. Will follow this culture of perfection. Will return 100%. quote
06 Jan, 2017
Carrollton, TX

quote Working with Jon was very easy and he did exactly what he said he would do. The whole process makes it easy for one to sell their collectibles and you won’t find anyone that makes payment quicker. quote
09 Dec, 2016
A. Swann
Austin, Texas

quote 2nd Markets was very easy to work with and paid me the same day they received the items. They made the shipping process very clear and simple and I would recommend them for anyone wanting to sell items. I appreciated how responsive they were via email. quote
03 Nov, 2016
Leslie Hardin
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

quote My transaction with 2nd Markets was quick, fairly priced, and problem-free. I had specific questions about shipping/packaging, and I received quick and thorough replies. Their payment was sent to me the same day they received my silver. Thank you for a wonderful experience quote
01 Nov, 2016
Kent Hoffman
Albuquerque, NM

quote Our experience was one of quick responses, a fair offer quick payment and no surprises. It doesn't get much better than that. It was painless. quote
22 Sep, 2016
Allan Langer
Catonsville, Maryland

quote Hard to believe how good it was to work with 2nd markets. A perfect transaction. Very quick response to emails. Perfect instructions on shipping and they paid for it. Amazing. Payment to PAYPAL the same day they received the package. I checked them out with the BBB and their bank who rated them A+. Plan to continue worked with them and telling everyone I know. quote
16 Sep, 2016
Clifford Hulsart
Washington, North Carolina

quote This was a very positive experience. Easy to follow instructions. Very prompt payment after receipt of items. As a first time user I would certainly deal with again !!!!! Very fair offers for collections. quote
04 Aug, 2016
Susan Olney
San Diego, California

quote 2ndMarkets...straight forward deals, very informative website that addresses all questions and fast responses. Great experience doing business with them. quote
27 Jul, 2016
Catherine Wright
Carthage, NC

quote This company is Honest! They gave prompt answers to my questions, and I received my check as soon as they received my sterling silverware. quote
20 Jul, 2016
Tom Baker
Lubbock, TX

quote Amazing business that more than fulfilled their commitment and my expectations! quote
27 May, 2016
Dorothy Gottlieb
Pompano Beach, Florida

quote Being 88 and alone, I was more than a little skeptical to just ship my items without any payment but reading reviews, I just jumped in and did it. What a pleasure every step of the way. Quickly acknowledged receipt of goods and immediately received a check in full as promised. Wouldn't hesitate a second to deal again. quote
27 May, 2016
D. Dowden
Baton Rouge, Louisiana

quote Mr. Warren was very easy to work with and very accommodating. He was very knowledgeable and willing to go the extra mile to help his customers, not just "make a deal". quote
15 May, 2016
Cheryl Zabel
Hermosa Beach, California

quote I could not be happier with the communication and service from your company! I have sold some things on Ebay, and this was so much easier! You told me exactly how to ship my items, paid for the shipping, and paid me the day after it was delivered. All in a little over a week turnaround! I'm so glad I found you! Thank you very much! quote
26 Mar, 2016
Mike Nilsson
Dallas, Texas

quote The 2nd markets team was very easy to work with. The offers were very fair, the transaction went very smoothly, and payment was made quickly. quote
03 Feb, 2016
Barbara Rosen
Wayne, New Jersey

quote My transaction was handled professionally and quickly. A pleasure to do business with; I will do so again. quote
26 Jan, 2016
Eddie Villalobos
Miami Beach, Florida

quote 2nd Market Corp. is a serious company which I am very pleased to do business with. The way they handled my questions, the quick answer of my emails, besides the clear explanations of how to go about the process of sending the merchandise and the way to get the payment gave me the trust to accept the deal. Congratulations Jon Warren and company for your way of doing business. quote
23 Jan, 2016
Barbara Robberson
Missouri City, TX

quote Every step of my transaction with 2nd Markets was professional and efficient. Thank you to all the staff! quote
06 Dec, 2015
Linda Cleveland
Plattsburgh, New York

quote The transactions went perfectly. I was so grateful they were able to take my items as nobody locally would give me much of anything for them. Thank you. quote
11 Nov, 2015
S Ford
Forest, Virginia

quote I was very satisfied with my experience selling to 2nd Markets. They offered a fair price for my collection and made the online transaction very simple. I especially appreciated the information they provided about their company along with how to best package and ship my item. The entire process from my initial email requesting and receiving a quote for my item, shipping the item via FedEx and receiving payment was only five days. These people know what they are doing! quote
03 Nov, 2015
John Connolly
Lawrence, Kansas

quote I had never done business before with 2ndMarkets. I found their name on the Internet and decided to take a chance. What I found was a business that was totally ethical and completely honest. What's more is that they made the whole process so dog gone easy. I sent them a list of what I was selling and they made an offer within 24 hours. I accepted. They sent me instructions on how to pack the items and paid for the transportation themselves. A few days later, I received my check in the mail. Can't get easier than that. Think of a business you dealt with in the past that was completely honest and trustworthy. I'll just bet they were someone in your own town. 2ndMarkets is the Internet equivalent. quote
14 Oct, 2015
Nona Williamson
Blue Springs, Missouri

quote I was totally satisfied with my experience with 2nd Markets. Their response was quick and payment was made as promised. I will definitely recommend 2nd Markets to friends. quote
24 Sep, 2015
William Dedman
Moncks Corner, South Carolina

quote The transaction I had with 2nd Markets was one of the best business experiences I have had in my lifetime. The transaction included the sale of a number of Franklin Mint commemorative silver medals. The sale was handled very professionally and expeditiously from the bid response to the actual sale. They did everything that they indicated they would do and payment was sent within 24 hours of receipt of the medals by them. I would highly recommend 2nd Markets to anyone interested in sale or purchase of any items that they handle. quote
13 Sep, 2015
Amy Okey
Birchwood, Michigan

quote I was happy to find 2nd Markets, along with their positive reviews and BBB rating. We recently concluded our transaction, and I am very pleased with how quick and simple it was! Thanks! quote
31 Jul, 2015
Lrissttina Isobe
Honolulu, Hawaii

quote I have finished selling my items to Jon and 2nd Markets (through their wonderful website, Soldster.com). Everything went well until I found an anomaly and we began a discussion about it. Jon is very patient & kind too (we newbies are delighted with). I'd recommend them to anyone and will be a repeat seller. They don't buy everything, but neither do I. Thank you soldster.com! So good to have someone to trust to do business with! quote
17 Jul, 2015
Ron S
College Station, Texas

quote Dealing with Jon Warren and 2nd Markets was a pleasant, prompt and professional experience. I did my own research before transacting with them and it exceeded my expectations on how easy and efficient it was to do business with them. quote
09 Jun, 2015
David Bouck
Poway, California

quote I very much enjoyed selling to Second Markets. They were prompt, efficient, honest and friendly throughout the entire transaction. I received a very fair and competitive price, and immediate payment via priority mail. The idea of selling valuables to an unseen and unknown entity seemed sketchy, but my independent check of the company using my own resources proved their references to be accurate and precisely as advertised. I would deal with this business again without reservation. quote
01 Jun, 2015
Leonard Sullivan
San Francisco, California

quote Fast, honest service. Smooth as silk. quote
01 Jun, 2015
Colorado Springs, CO

quote 2nd Markets was fabulous to deal with! They answered all my questions thoroughly and quickly. Offer was fair and payment was swift. First time selling - would strongly recommend 2nd Markets to anyone! quote
27 May, 2015
Michael B.
Frederick, MD

quote I had a very pleasant experience dealing with Jon of 2nd Markets Corp. The transaction was quick and smooth as well as payment received. I highly recommend this company to everyone. quote
11 Mar, 2015
Seattle, WA

quote I had a great experience with 2nd Markets. The bid, shipping and payment processes were extremely efficient with just the right amount of communication to keep me informed. I felt like I was working with real people and not a distant third-party Internet company. I would highly recommend them. quote
04 Mar, 2015
Waterloo, Nebraska

quote This was easy and quick. They received my package today and tonight I have the money! Its a scary thing sending your items but did the research and it was a great experience. quote


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