Quantcast How should I care for my Sterling Silver flatware and holloware?

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How should I care for my Sterling Silver flatware and holloware?

Daily use enhances the beauty of sterling silver, adding mellowness and depth of color, so no one should hesitate to use it all the time. The millions of tiny scratches on the surface that come with constant use give color or patina that adds to the finish. All silver should be washed as soon after  use as possible. Use ordinary caution so as not to crowd too many pieces close together. Wash in clear sudsy water and rinse thoroughly in clear hot water. It is important to dry each piece well even when washed in the automatic dishwasher. Should spots appear after the use of certain foods like eggs, salt and salad dressing, they may be easily eliminated with silver polish during the washing process.

About once a month should suffice for over-all polishing. Use a reliable polish free of grit, and a clean soft cloth. Lengthwise stroke on flatware produce the finest luster; on holloware, follow the contours or shape of the piece. Be sure to rotate the usage of all pieces so that all acquire the same patina. The ideal container for storing silver is a tightly closed chest that has individual places for each piece. Rolls for flatware and bags for holloware made of tarnish-resistant cloth are also good for sterling silver.

Be sure to keep chest well dusted and clean. Stray particles of salt in the case will cause the silver to tarnish and sometimes even to spot.

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