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Sterling Silver : Table Placement

Table Placement: ( a few simple rules) All flat silver is laid in the order of use, starting with the piece farthest from the plate on each side. Knives are placed with the cutting edge towards the plate; forks with times pointing up; spoons hollow side up. 
Not more than three knives and forks (not counting the oyster fork and the butter spreader) may be laid at one place setting. Additional silver is placed when required. More often than not the cover does not require this amount of silver for the family and informal meal; the usual placing being knife, soup spoon and tea spoon placed at the right of the plate with the salad fork and dinner fork at the left. For the salad course and many entrees, the fork is all that is required, therefore, omit the corresponding knife. 
The oyster fork may be placed at the extreme right and parallel with the soup or bouillon spoon. The butter spreader is placed across the rim of the bread and butter plate with the handle to the right. 
At breakfast only the pieces needed are placed on the table following the above placement.
For luncheon only enough flat silver to carry through the salad course is laid with the settings. Dessert and coffee silver are provided with those courses. 

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