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Who was R Blackington and Company?

Founded in 1862 in North Attleboro, Massachusetts, by Walter Ballou and Roswell Blackinton, the Ballou & Blackinton company stands as a notable chapter in the history of American silverware and jewelry manufacturing. For over a century, this firm remained under the stewardship of the founding families, showcasing a legacy of craftsmanship and entrepreneurial spirit that significantly contributed to the industry's development.

Trademarks and Products

Ballou & Blackinton initially marked their products with a trademark that remained in use until approximately 1900, a hallmark that today aids collectors and historians in identifying and dating their work. The company's portfolio primarily featured sterling silver and 14-karat gold items, encompassing a wide range of products from flatware and holloware to dresserware. Although better known for their exquisite silver and gold pieces, the firm also produced a limited selection of costume jewelry, diversifying its offerings to meet the varied tastes and needs of its clientele.

Acquisition and Legacy

In June 1967, Wells, Inc., another company based in Attleboro, Massachusetts, acquired Ballou & Blackinton, marking the end of its operation under the original family ownership. Despite this change in ownership, the Ballou & Blackinton name remained synonymous with quality and excellence in silverware and jewelry manufacturing.

Global Recognition

One of the company's notable achievements occurred in the mid-1960s when their Marie Louise flatware pattern was selected by the U.S. State Department. This elegant design was chosen for use in all United States embassies around the world, serving as a testament to the company's reputation for producing items of exceptional quality and design. This global recognition underscores the impact of Ballou & Blackinton's craftsmanship on the international stage, cementing their legacy in the annals of American decorative arts.

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