Quantcast Alvin Corp: Sterling Silverware Company - A Brief History

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Alvin Corp: Sterling Silverware Company - A Brief History

Alvin Corp Manufacturing Co. was founded in 1886 in Irvington, New Jersey. It became Alvin Silver Co. in  1919. The Gorham Co bought most of the  firm's assets in 1928 and changed the name to Alvin Corp. Company marks include an ornate capital A flanked by a winged dragon; they also produced a line called Lullaby Sterling. Some pattern names include: Apollo, Avila, Bridal Bouquet, Bridal Rose,  Chapel Bells, Chased Romantique, Chateau Rose, Chippendale-Old, Della Robbia, Eternal Rose, Fleur de Lis, Florence Nightingale, Florentine, Francis I, French Scroll, Gainsborough, Hamilton, Hampton, Majestic, Maryland, Melrose, Miss Alvin, Morning Glory, Orange Blossom-Old, Orange Blossom-New, Pirouette, Prince Eugene, Raleigh, Raphael, Richmond, Romantique, Rosecrest, Southern Charm, Spring Bud,, Vivaldi, and William Penn       

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