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International Sterling Silverware Company - A Brief History

International Silver Co was formed in  Meriden, Connecticut, in 1898 by a group of independent silversmiths. This association came to include Rogers Bros. (and their famous 1847 trademark), Derby Silver, Meriden Brittannia, Webster and Wilcox, among many others.  Some pattern names: 1810, Abbottsford, Angelique, Avalon, Berkeley, Blossom Time, Brandon, Breton Rose, Bridal Veil, Brocade, Cloeta, Colonial Shell, Continental, Courtship, Dawn Rose, Deerfield/Beacon Hill, Devonshire, Du Barry, Edgewood, Elegance, Elsinore, Empress, Enchanted Rose, Enchantress, Fontaine, Frontenac, Gadroon, Georgian Maid, Governor Bradford, Grande Regency, Irene, Joan of Arc, La Rochelle, Lady Betty, Lambeth Manor, Mademoiselle, Maintenon, Margaret-New, Margaret-Old, Masterpiece, May Melody, Mille Fleurs, Minuet, Moonglow, Napoleon, Norse, Northern Lights, Old Charleston, Orleans, Pansy, Pantheon, Pine Spray, Pine Tree, Prelude, Primrose, Queen's Lace, Radiant Rose, Revere, Rhapsody-New, Rhapsody-Old, Richelieu, Riviera, Rosalind-New, Rose Ballet, Royal Danish, Royal Rose, Sculptured Beauty, Serenity, Shirley, Silver Iris, Silver Melody, Silver Rhythm, Sonja,  Southern Treasure, Splendor, Spring Bouquet, Spring Glory, Springtime, Stardust, Stratford, Swan Lake, Theseum, Torchlight, Trianon, Trousseau, Valencia, Vision, Warwick, Wedding Bells, Wedgewood, Wesley, Westminster, Whitewall-New, Wild Rose-New, Wild Rose-Old, and Windermere

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