Quantcast Tiffany and Company: Sterling Silverware Company - A Brief History

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Tiffany and Company: Sterling Silverware Company - A Brief History

Tiffany and Company Inc of New York began producing its own sterling flatware in the late 1800's, but as early as the 1850's had sold the wares of other makers that bore its name. The company introduced the English sterling silver standard (925/1000) in the United States in 1852, and this was later adopted as federal law to determine sterling silver purity. Some pattern names: Atlantis, Audubon, Bamboo, Beekman, Broom Corn, Castilian, Century, Chrysanthemum, Clinton, Colonist, English King 1870, English King 1885, Faneuil, Feather Edge, Flemish, Hamilton, Hampton, Japanese, King William/Antique, Marquise, Palm, Palmette, Persian, Provence, Queen Anne, Rat Tail, Renaissance, Richelieu, Salem, San Lorenzo, Saratoga, Shell & Thread, St. Dunstan, St. James, Tiffany, Vine.Fruits & Flowers, Wave Edge, Windham, and Winthrop.

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