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Reed and Barton: Sterling Silverware Company - A Brief History

Reed & Barton of Taunton, Massachusetts began in 1824 as the partnership of Babbitt & Crossman.  Isaac Babbitt and Wlliam Crossman began a small Brittania ware firm that went through several incarnations and almost collapsed, but was saved by the work of three employees: Charles E. Barton (the brother-in-law of William Crossman), Henry Good Reed, and Benjamin Pratt. By  1840, the Reed & Barton firm was established. 
`Reed & Barton has produced more than 100 flatware patterns, including Francis I, which has been a popular pattern since it's introduction in 1907. The firm acquired Dominick & Haff in 1928 and the Wester Co. in  1949, although Reed & Barton later sold that company to Towle in the  1960's. Initially, Reed & Barton produced Brittania ware, which resembles pewter but is more durable. Silver plated flatware was added in 1848 and sterling silverware introduced in  1889. The firm's marks on sterling feature the letter R in a shield flanked by an eagle on the left and a rearing lion on the right. Some other pattern names: Amaryllis, Autumn Leaves, Burgundy, Cameo, Cellini, Cellini-Engraved, Chambord, Classic Fashion, Classic Rose, Clovelly, Columbia, Da Vinci, DAncing Flowers, Devon, Diadem, Diamond, Dimension, Dorothy Quincy, Elegante/L'Elegante, English Provincial, Florentine, Fragrance, Francis I (Eagle/R/Lion stamp), Francis I (Patent pending stamp), Francis I (Reed & Barton stamp), Francis I sterling and gold, French Antique, French Renaissance, Georgian Rose, Grande Renaissance, Guildhall, Hampton Court, Hawthorne, Hepplewhite-Chased, Hepplewhite-Engraved, Hepplewhite-Plain, Heritage, Intaglio, Jubilee, Kings, La Marquise, La Parisienne, La Perle-Engraved, La Reine, Lark,  Les Cinq, Les Six Fleurs, Love Disarmed, Majestic, Marlborough, Petite Fleur, Pointed Antique, Pointed Antique-Hammered,  Renaissance Scroll, Romaine/Monique, Rose Cascade, Savannah, Silver Sculpture,Silver Wheat, Spanish Baroque, Star, Tapestry, Tara, and Trajan.

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