Quantcast Oneida: Sterling Silverware Company - A Brief History

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Oneida: Sterling Silverware Company - A Brief History

Oneida Silversmiths was incorporated in  1880 near Sherrill, New York as Oneida Community Limited. It became Oneida Ltd. in  1935 and began producing sterling flatware in 1946, marked Oneida Sterling or Heirloom Sterling. Some Pattern names: Afterglow, Belle Rose, Bountiful, Damask Rose, Dover, Du Maurier, Engagement, First Frost, Flower Lane, Grandeur, Heiress, King Cedric, Lasting Spring, Mansion House, Martinique, Mediterranea, Melbourne, Reigning Beauty, Rubaiyat, Satin Beauty, Sentimental, Silver Rose, Stanton Hall, Twilight, Virginian, Vivant, Will O' Wisp,  and Young Love

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