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Gorham Sterling Silverware Company - A Brief History

The company that became the Gorham Corp. was founded about 1817 by Jabez Gorham in  Providence, Rhode Island, and became the Gorham Manufacturing Co in 1863. Jabez Gorham started making silver in  1831 in a shop on Steeple Street in Providence. Born to a family of eight, he was apprenticed to New England silversmith Nehemiah Dodge. Dodge was one of the founders of the silver and jewelry crafts industry in  18th century New England. After his seven-year apprenticeship with Dodge, Jabez formed his own business. He created the "French filigree" chain, as well as a wide selection of handcrafted pieces. The firm began producing "coin silver" spoons (made from melted coins).
Jabez's son, John, took total control of the company when Jabez retired. By  1875, there were more than 400 employees, and in 1890 Gorham moved to a new site in Providence. An office building designed in 1905 by architect Stanford White was located on Fifth Avenue in New York City.
The company's trademark--lion/anchor/G was first used in the mid-1800's; later pieces are marked "Gorham Sterling." After the turn of the century, Gorham began acquiring other silver firms, including Whiting, Durgin, Kerr, Mr. Vernon, and Alvin. 

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